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Greater London Chess Club

Open to all players

Five-round Swiss Tournaments
and MINOR (U-120ECF / U-1600FIDE)
Prizes in each section: 1st £50, 2nd £25

ECF Graded and FIDE Rated

Saturday 1 July 2017

Upper Vestry House, St George's Bloomsbury
6 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2HR
Directions to venue



Doors open from 10am.
Entries on the day accepted before 10.15am.
Tea and coffee available throughout the day.

10.30 Round 1
11.45 Round 2

12.45 Lunch break

13.30 Round 3
14.45 Round 4
16.00 Round 5

17.15 Prize giving

Tournament rules

  • FIDE Laws of Chess (2017) apply, unless otherwise stated.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off at all times during play. If a player has a specific reason for keeping their phone on, they should make this known to the controller at the start of the tournament. Otherwise, if a player's phone rings or makes a noise during play they shall lose the game.
  • If a player makes an illegal move their opponent shall be awarded 1 extra minute. On a second illegal move the player shall lose the game.
  • Players not arriving at the board within 10 minutes of the start of a round shall be defaulted. Their opponent shall be re-paired if possible.
  • Entry is deemed acceptance that the controller's decision is final in all matters.

    Rate of play

    25 minutes + 5 second increment per player per game.

    Grading / Rating

  • The most recently published ECF grades will be used. Rapidplay grades take precedence over standardplay.
  • The most recently published FIDE ratings will be used. Rapid ratings take precedence over standard ratings. Blitz ratings will not be used.
  • If a player has an ECF grading and a FIDE Rating, both must meet the grade / rating limits for the Minor or Major sections.
  • If a player does not have a current grade or rating they should provide evidence of playing strength. In the Minor and Major sections ungraded or unrated players may only win one third the value of any cash prize. GLCC club members exempted from this rule.
  • Any grade / rating conversions will be made using the formula ((FIDE - 700) / 7.5 = ECF or (National Elo - 600) / 8 = ECF.
  • All results will be submitted for ECF Rapidplay grading and FIDE Rapid rating. It is a condition of entry that players agree to their grading and rating data being published in the ECF and FIDE online databases.

    How to enter

    Online - complete and submit the form below by 8pm on Friday 30 June 2017 and pay your entry fee by 10.15am on the day of the tournament. Online entries after 8pm on Friday 30 June will be treated as on-the-day entries and a £5 surcharge applies.

    On the day – before 10.15am, space permitting. You will need to provide the information requested in the entry form below. £5 surcharge applies to non-GLCC members. Cash or cheque payment only.

    Players need to hold Silver, Gold or Platinum ECF membership otherwise a £7 (£5 for juniors) ECF pay to play fee applies.


    All enquiries to Nigel Blades, tournament controller, tel 020 8580 5872 or email




    Greater London Chess Club Summer Rapidplay Tournament

    Saturday 1 July 2017


    First name(s): 


    Second name:



    Email address: 


    Phone number:


    Date of birth (Required if you don't have a FIDE Identification Number
    or are a junior under 18

    Younger children must be supervised by a parent or guardian throughout the tournament.


    Club or city:

    FIDE Rating:

    Rapid Rating, or if you don't have one, Standard Rating.

    If you are ungraded or unrated, leave blank and provide information on playing strength below.



    (for example ENG for England)

    FIDE Identification Number (FIN):

    If not FIDE registered please give your date of birth in the box above. Players without a FIN will be registered to England unless you request a FIN from your own national federation. You can check the FIDE ratings database for your details here.


    ECF grade:

    Rapidplay grade, or if you don't have one, Standardplay grade. You
    can look up your grade in the ECF database.
    If you are ungraded
    or unrated, leave blank and provide information on playing
    strength below.


    ECF membership number:

    If you don't know your ECF Membership number, you can look
    it up in the ECF membership list. Leave blank if you
    are not a member.

    ECF membership type:   Platinum/Gold/Silver   Bronze   None

    (If Bronze or None, an ECF pay to play fee is due in addition to the entry fee).
    Alternatively you may wish to join the ECF or upgrade from Bronze to Silver membership.
    Further information on joining the ECF here.

    If ungraded or unrated, please give evidence of playing strength, e.g. national rating, online rating, recent results:

    Section entered:    MINOR (U-120ECF / U-1600FIDE)     MAJOR (U-160ECF / U-1900FIDE)     OPEN    


    Optional half point bye (available rounds 1-4 only):

    Entry Fees
    Amount (£)
    Tournament entry fee - GLCC member £13 or non-member £18
    ECF pay to play fee - £7 (£5 junior, if under 18) to be paid if you are not an ECF member or only have ECF Bronze membership. No charge for Silver, Gold or Platinum members.
    Entries after 8pm Friday 30 June or on the day pay an extra £5 (non-GLCC members only)
    Insert total due (to be paid in cash by 10.15am on the morning of the tournament)











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